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Weinberg/Newton Gallery

Founded: 2006; Chicago
Partner: ACLU of Illinois, Human Rights Watch, Personal PAC
MISSION Weinberg/Newton Gallery aims to create space for dialogue about the many social justice issues that concern our local Chicago community and beyond. In collaboration with artists and non-profit organizations, we work to cultivate a culture of consciousness and inspire change by way of exhibitions, panel discussions, film screenings, artist talks, and more. HISTORY Weinberg/Newton Gallery originally debuted in 2006 as David Weinberg Collection, a contemporary art gallery in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. In 2011, the exhibition space shifted to an artist-run studio featuring Weinberg’s own photography work and changed its name to David Weinberg Photography. In 2014, the space became Weinberg/Newton Gallery, having taken on a new mission focused on social justice issues. The change reflected and acknowledged the influence of attorney and philanthropist Jerry Newton on the gallery’s work, particularly in building relationships with partner non-profit organizations. Newton actively has been involved with organizations including the ACLU of Illinois, Human Rights Watch, and Personal PAC for more than four decades. Together, David Weinberg and Jerry Newton have guided the Weinberg/Newton Family Foundation since 2009.
Areas of Specialization
Art & Social Justice; Contemporary Art; free educational workshops to student groups
Publications & References
Cox, Donna J. and Ellen Sandor and Janine Fron. New Media Futures. The Rise of Women in the Digital Arts. Urbana, Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2018.

Exhibition Walk-Through

Come by the gallery for an exhibition walk-through with curator Holly Cahill and artists Leslie Baum, Cameron Harvey, and Meredith Haggerty! This conversation is free and open to the public.

Exhibitions & Events