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Eduardo Kac, pioneer of multiple art genres like Telematic Art, Transgenic Art and Bio Art, guides us through 40 years of radical changes in the body-technology relationship, offering different approaches on how to reflect the boundaries of human life.

Elke Reinhuber's work focuses on decision making processes and counterfactual thoughts in media arts. As a decidophobic in her own life, she explores in particular alternative layers of the here and now with immersive environments and expanded photography.

... Acevedo’s visual music explores the implications of synesthesia through computer animated geometry.

...calling attention to the beauty of life and the necessity for enlightened thinking about nature’s ‘tangled bank’.

.. explore the potential of the human body to be an audio-visual instrument ..

.. "So instead of writing about meaning production, I empower the exploration of meta-meaning processes that arise via self-directed engagement" ..

.. making visible that which is not before our eyes, that which is not directly evident nor exposed to the view ..

.. "Ideally by using these technologies, art should see through them and unveil this imperative role in our society. When it is aesthetically pleasing, the truth doesn’t hurt so much" ..

.. interested in the poetry and metaphysics of new technologies. He has created a series of award-winning works that probe the expressive power of new technologies to ask questions about the world ..

.. The wide spectrum of his research projects includes: media archaeology of Latin America, 3D-modelling of Photogrammetry technology and data-translation into digital media ..

.. co-founder of several media art research projects and artist residency programmes, including Art-A-Hack and ThoughtWorks Arts Residency ..

.. his artistic development between research in the humanities, multi-sensory engineering and collaborative practice in the fields of digital art and theatre ..

.. an artist, writer and curator, who has worked in the field of Bio Art since the late Nineties ..

.. known for his interest in politicized art media practices that bring new critical perspectives and alternative forms of engagement ..

.. pens up the body to the experience of the digital: moves the corporeal from the stasis of cinema (and the railway carriage) to the movement of architecture, ghosting in the secular the Gothic’s divine architecture of light, but preserving the escape from destiny so long fought for and so weakly held ..

.. Fragmentation, remixing and modification of texts and images are central in her installations and challenge participants to question their perception mechanisms..

.. working with recent studies from genetic biology, geophysics and other scientific disciplines, Kisseleva finds conflicts in a process and, where possible, proposes a solution ..

.. In the context of the 1960’s paradigm of installation he started with expanded cinema, performance and participatory environments..

.. His publications include Timeshift: On Video Culture, Videography: Video Media as Art and Culture, Digital Aesthetics, Simulation and Social Theory, The Cinema Effect, EcoMedia ..

.. focuses on the technological and neuroscientific conditions of contemporary society ..

.. started out by creating animations at the age of nine. Then he worked as painter, illustrator and photographer. He began working with computers in 1983 ..

.. Her art works reflect on urbanity and community as seen through digital media and have been exhibited worldwide at festivals and museums..

.. a philosopher and designer based in Singapore and Prague working on open science and citizen science issues ..

.. Coming from experimental cinema, video art and media theory, in the 1990s his studies focused on the development of the art of moving pictures in the era of electronics..

.. is a border-crosser and an explorer of virtual space ..

.. known for their inimitable poetic language of visualization and sonification of interrelations between humans and nature ..

.. In recent years, CIRIO has caused commotion among global companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook by exploiting their technical and economic practices and their strategic exploitation of private data ..